The Red Menace

Hitting the Airways

Episode 20

We began with Penelope and Crispin beginning their aerial assault. She managed to get the airscrew aloft and they started moving toward the edge of the city’s platform. While they were flying they heard a substantial explosion from inside the city, but could not tell where it came from.

They were spotted by the flying globes and soon they were being pursued by explosive projectiles. Penelope banked up back into the streets and worked to avoid the hurtling orbs. Flying deftly, and protected by the rifle-toting pacifist Crispin, they managed to dispatch a quartet of the orbs without suffering damage.

But their evasive maneuvers had driven them deep into the city, so she decided to make her way across the market in a direct line to drop their payload on the bridge that connects the towers.

Meanwhile, the others were moving toward their goal inside the Tower of Light and Life. As they turned the corner they heard the noise of fans winding up. They chose to split up, with Joe and Charley going forward and Dash and the others trying to find a parallel route. As the two moved into a very tall circular chamber, the winds built up and they were forced to their knees. As they tried to drag themselves across the grated opening, they were spotted by a camera bot that rode on the rails of electricity running throughout the complex.

In the other passage, Dash, Percy, Opal and Frankie ran into a squad of green martians. Frankie lit up the hall and the two groups exchanged fire. Opal and Frankie were hit, but in the end our heroes triumphed. They moved forward into a room crossed by a channel of water with two electric curtains. They tried to breach the curtain but pulled back from pain. They attempted to push a martian’s body through the curtain, but again the current proved too much to bear.

By the time Joe and Charley had cleared the blowing fans an armed robot had arrived on the scene. It managed to graze Charley before they could take it out, but it was obvious that their presence had been noted.



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