The Red Menace

Action Sequence

Episode 21

We began with the quartet of Dash, Percy Frankie and Opal up against the electric curtain. Cameras gathered near, and the group tried to shoot them while Dash went through the bodies looking for something to break through the barrier.

The cameras were quickly followed by gun-bearing robots firing from the darkness. They tried to fond cover as best they could, and defend themselves from this new assault.

Meanwhile, Joe and Charley had just crawled past the windy chamber when yet another shot rang out. Joe charge the shadowy enemy while Charley tried to foil the lock on a nearby doorway. He quickly got it to open, and slipped into a chamber, quickly followed by big Joe. They were slightly surprised to see their comrades fighting unseen enemies through two electrical barriers. The far group exchanged shots with unmanned robots, but there enemies seemed to keep on coming.

Joe could not reach the panel that controlled the barriers, so he decided to jam his martian warsword through the barrier into the machine. Electricity surged through him and his consciousness wavered, but he succeeded in forcing the blade through the controls and disrupted the panel. The two stumbled into the chamber while the others fought off the shooting robots and cameras.

Joe shook off his haze, and smashed there second panel, reuniting the two with their friends. Shots were coming from both sides, and Charley sought cover down an alcove — discovering a doorway. He was soon joined by Dash and Percy. The detective lifted the scientist up to a windowed panel he had discovered, and he spotted a large grey tentacled creature working at a control panel and flanked by guards.

Apparently the noticed him as well, as a metallic panel began to slam down to shut them in. He rolled free of the door and managed to force his rapier in the opening, holding it long enough for Dash and Charley to escape. The blade was crushed by the massive panel.

The group moved out of this room toward the goal scribbled on Dally’s map. At the first crossing, a couple of guns were hidden behind electric curtains that opened up quickly for firing and shut down again, Joe’s sword failed to shut down this machine, and the group rushed pass to avoid the heavy fire.

They raced up the hall toward the goal, and Joe led the way down to the right. He made it to the second open doorway when a series of radium blasts shot out from the darkness, sending him sprawling. Charley raced up to pull him free, but his wounded state he fell too, leaving them both in the open.

Others hurried up, and Opal slid prone to fire her rifle into the chamber. Frankie flashed his lights into the large room, and showed a number of green martians hidden behind crates flanking another of the large hovering grey beasts — this one clutching two radium rifles in its tentacles. Dash and Percy pull up on either side of the entry for cover, and tried to take down the enemy.

After a brief exchange of gunfire, four of the green martians charged out with their war blades, smashing down on Charley, Opal, Dash and Percy. Charley and Opal fired from the ground, and Dash and Percy stepped back to get a better shot. After a quick flurry of gunfire and flashing blades, the four were dispatched. Percy aided Frankie to maximize the glare of his movie lights to distract the remaining martians and they hurried past the opening to rejoin the others.

The group — bloodied by unbowed — moved toward the area marked on Dally’s map, determined to set the X-ray displacement engine of die trying.



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