The Red Menace

Cat and Mouse

Episode 18

Our heroes escaped the street with the palanquin by faking a martian lion’s roar from down an alley. The two hot-headed martians that were following jumped up to chase the beast— allowing the group to escape.

In the tunnels, Penelope spotted some sewer gators lying in wait. They flashed the lights and caused a ruckus, scaring most of them off but one charged. Dash blew it to kingdom come before it could come close.

They took the two unconscious slaves back to Dally’s hideout to question them. One (Ertl) was moved by the offer of freedom and ratted out his colleague (Aikon) for knowing more than he claimed. So they asked Dally to drug him and he spilled his guts. 

He told them that to gain entry to the Tower of Light and Life you could have a martian escort or an official order. You went down to the fulfillment center and waited for your order to be called and then you picked it up. He has never seen any martians down in the lower level, but had never been past the fulfillment center. His description of the area matched Dally’s old plans.

Kanaloa did not think he could forge a believable order. So they decided to return to Seshat and see what she could do, and to pick her ‘brains’ on how to defeat the expert system that runs the Tower of Light and Life.



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