• Charlie Heathen

    Charlie Heathen

    usician, performer and gambler, Charlie is rolling with what life has given him. Born to to a traveling family of performers, some questionable choices have led him to a life on his own.
  • Crispin, the Great and Powerful

    Crispin, the Great and Powerful

    Master of Illusion (and balloon animals). While his stage career has not gone beyond the children's party circuit, his dreams have not been held back. As a professional illusionist, he questions the wild tales he is being told.
  • Dashiel 'Dash' Quarless

    Dashiel 'Dash' Quarless

    A private dick with more than a secret or two. Dash was sent by his employers to keep an eye on this production, but may have gotten more than he signed up for.
  • Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    A large, imposing, quiet man whose size belies his quickness. Joe is veteran infantry man and now a janitor looking to improve his prospects.
  • Lester Dell Reeves

    Lester Dell Reeves

    A farm boy looking to make his mark before returning to the quiet life. Also a veteran, Lester wants to make a splash in the 'flickers' to help create an exciting, successful life for his sweetheart Vi, and to avoid ever going back to farming.
  • Penelope Smythe-Harrison

    Penelope Smythe-Harrison

    Noted British aviatrix and heiress, Smythe-Harrison has decided to make a go of it in the pictures, flying her own plane, solo, from London to California. But with a bright future ahead, is Penelope really more interested in leaving her past behind?
  • Percival Q. Paris

    Percival Q. Paris

    Associate professor of chemistry with a flair for the dramatic. Always looking for something new, Percy followed his muse to the studio to see if he had what it takes. It might take more than he bargained for.
  • Arar


    Coptic Guide to Kar-Tor
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin

    Famed movie actor and secret supporter of the struggle against the Martians.
  • Clarence Dally

    Clarence Dally

    Edison Assistant and Martian abolitionist
  • Frank Borzage

    Frank Borzage

    Film director and lead member of then expedition. 'Fabulous' Frankie's job is to record the mission for posterity and make the greatest epic ever on two worlds
  • Kanaloa


    Martian 'advisor' to Clarence Dally
  • Opal Elphinstone

    Opal Elphinstone

    The only known survivor of Martian captivity and featured character in War of the Worlds. Attractive even if scarred, and committed to vengeance on the monsters.
  • Seshat


    Self-aware computer system for House Kartogian
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison

    Inventor and industrialist, and creator of the Mass Kinetoscope to be used in transporting our heroes to Mars.