The Red Menace

Underground Film

Episode 13

sewer-thing.jpgAfter a quick check-in with Dally, our heroes returned to the city in an attempt to find an airship. The computer had told them that House Kor To’gian had once run flying routes between martian cities, but there was nothing more than a historical record. Leaving Percy and Crispin to work on the distillation, Penelope, Dash, Charlie, Joe, Frankie and Arat went to their last known address.

While he was collecting B roll footage in the sewers, Frankie heard slithering noises around him. Flashing the lights down the tunnel, Penelope spotted two shapes disappearing down side tunnels and heard more above her. Firing quickly, her shot landed in a barrel-shaped tentacled marauder and ti fell to the floor of the tunnel.

Four more came out of drains from above and swarmed over our heroes. Mighty Joe slipped on his knuckles and buried his fist deep in another. The alligator-shaped beasts clung to the walls and tore at the party, but failed to land any telling blows. Shots rang out in the tunnel and soon the monsters had all been destroyed.

Joe patched up Penelope’s scrapes and they moved on. They came to the surface on a gritty, abandoned street at sunset. Within a couple blocks they came to their destination — a slim tower held up by a central post. They found a stripped vehicle in the open space below the tower and stairs leading up.

Charlie made short work of the lock and Joe forced the ancient ceramic doors aside. The second level was also open and once were gardens. They found a bench and broke it apart to cover the gap in the doors. While looking for materials, Joe stumbled on a pair of martian feet sticking out from a pile of rubble. They dug out and found that it was fairly recent and that the head was close to the center of the pile.

They left it behind when they found a decorative set of doors in the central column. After trying to activate the door (which they believed was an elevator), Joe forced it open. He, Arat, and Charlie went inside while Dash and Penelope explored the side staircase and Frankie collected footage. Joe tried to make the elevator work from the inside and failed again. He found a panel and the intricate tubular workings within.

He twisted some of the controlling knobs on the workings, and the doors slammed shut with the trio within.



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