The Red Menace

Knocking 'em dead

Episode 17

noble.jpgThe next day was spent in preparation. Crispin and Percy managed the final stages of their bomb preparation, while dodging any probing questions from Dally and his martian ally. The two had planned a way for the team to commandeer a martian palanquin with limited exposure, which our heroes gratefully accepted.

Meanwhile, Dash, Penelope and Charlie spent the day with Seshat at House Kartogian. Penelope focused on getting deeper understanding of the flying machines while Dash tried to learn as much as he could about the exodus of the former martian overlords. Charlie spent most of the day in the kitchen chatting with the house system.

When evening came, Joe and the others returned to the house with the ambush plan. After a brief scare when the house had been resealed, the elevators opened and the group was reunited.

After discussing the plan, they made their way to an abandoned crossroads in a disused part of the city. Penelope scouted a martian ‘fighting club’ and waited for a single cart to make its way out. After an hour or two, she found what she was looking for and rushed back to the group. They had take positions on either side of the road, and fired down on the bearers. They took out two and Crispin brought one low with the martian net gun. Joe charged and chopped one down with his oversized martian warsword.

The young martian noble tore aside the palanquin’s curtain and demanded (in coptic) their champion step forward. Joe responded that he was right there, and the armored enemy swung his own sword down on him. He shook off the blow and returned with one of his. The other bearers were dropped as our heroes stepped forward, and only one managed to pull a weapon from the cart and swing at Percy. The young noble, however, would not be bright down.

Shots tore into him and Joe swung his heavy blade, but the creature stood firm. He was finally taken down by the barrage of constant fire and the group rallied around the cart with five bodies and two unconscious slaves. They noticed at that point that another palanquin had left the club and was moving down the lane toward them.



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