The Red Menace


Episode 16

16074466_9e3a_1024x2000.pngOur heroes spent the night with Seshat at the House Kartogian. Only Penelope accepted her offer of ‘assistance’ in resting, and Joe ran out of the room when she released a sweet-smelling cologne into the chamber. Regardless, they were all interrogated by the system well into the night. These conversations taught them that humans did indeed manufacture the green martians, and her masters fled for the blue planet over 3800 years ago. She also said that she was very rare, and that she only knew three other sentient systems— one in the Tower of Light and Life, one running the Tower of Eternity and the last serving the Shapers of Destiny.

In the morning, they were served breakfast by the same robot that shot at them the day before.

After eating, Seshat allowed them to see the airships on the top level. Under a retractible dome they found four light ornithopters and two larger airscrews. Crispin was stunned when he recognized that the design of these vehicles was nearly identical to the famous sketches of Leonardo daVinci.

Seshat agreed to let them use the ships in exchange for them sending a message to her family back on Earth. She reprogrammed Dash’s portables device to work as a communicator on Earth. Penelope, Dash and Charlie decided to stay with her and learn more about these machines.

The others returned to the stage treatment plant to finish the bomb. They were met by Dally who was very concerned about their late return. When they told them about Seshat, he dismissed the idea that Seshat was self-aware and that any red martians had ever gone to Earth. The group has begun to distrust Dally and Kanaloa, and they told them as little as possible.

The bomb-making process will not be complete until the middle of the night, 16 hours after their return. Dally told them that he and Kanaloa had been working on their palanquin problem, and thought the best approach would be ambush a young martian during an evening’s revel. That way they can find one alone, and a ‘slumming’ young noble might be less likely to report the attack immediately.

The group decided that they would regroup in the evening before setting the ambush, and went back to preparing for the assault.



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